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Inang come from personal experience when founder Duo Inang having difficulty breastfeeding for her daughter. Duo Inang graduate from Bogor Agriculture University, and try anything herbs for increased her breastmilk. and than found torbangun leaves. torbangun leaves was formulation to boost breasmilk production, based on personal experience pumping own breast, increased breasmilk from 60 ml to 150 ml / pumping. torbangun is magic, magic milk boost breastmilk. Torbangun does not make body odor, make me happy.

Inang is best leaves Torbangun was designed to boost breastmilk production. Inang Torbangun leaves encourages milk production when breasfeading ; as a result most women's experience a boost in their milk supply. Inang Original Magic lactamilkboost from Indonesia.

i want to tell a little, about Torbangun leaves. Torbangun or Coleus amboinicus Lour has been used as a breast milk boost (a lactagogue) by local wisdom in Indonesia for hundreds of years. However, the traditional use of Torbangun is not well documented, and scientific evidence is limited to establish Torbangun as a lactagogue. Prof Damanik from IPB (Bogor Agriculture University) was investigated torbangun,This investigation was conducted to elucidate the effect of traditional use of Torbangun during the first month of lactation on quantity and quality of the breast milk. The results collected from the study show that Torbangun leaves supplementation increased breast milk production without compromising the nutritional quality of the breast milk. Lactating women women receiving Torbangun leaves supplementation had a 85% increase in milk volume during the last two weeks of supplementation (from Day 14 to Day 28). This increase was greater than that of lactating women receiving Molocco+B12 tablets (10%) or Fenugreek seeds (20%). The residual effects of Torbangun leaves supplementation were seen even after the supplementation had ended for one month. Results of the present study confirmed the belief and the practice amongst the Bataknese people that CA can be used as a lactagogue in humans, and the use of CA might be suitable for lactating women-women in general.


Happy breasfeading Moms...let's Moms, prevent breast cancer with movement of "1000 days of breastfeeding our child"